Found Poetry/Un-creative Writing

The following poems have been sculpted from existing pieces of literature that are out of copyright. The idea is to take an extract of writing and to find connections between words that stand out, or make something new on their own. The first poem was found in Bartleby, The Scrivener by Herman Melville and the second found in Carmilla, by Sheridan le Fanu. As always, any comments are extremely appreciated.

Averse to Business

He was too energetic.
Flighty recklessness,
Dipping his pen
In the afternoon.
Augmented blazonry,
As if cannel coal,
Impatiently split them into pieces
In a most indecorous manner.
The quickest steadiest creature,
Not easy to be matched,
Remonstrated with him

The Figure

Smiling from ear to ear.
Monsters used to make my father laugh.

Compounded of parts,
He began to howl dismally.

In the midst of the courtyard,
His fiddle under his arm,
He gabbled,

“They are dying of it!
You may laugh.
I can answer for myself”


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