Mr Curtis

It’s about time that someone made iPoet, don’t you think?
An app where you can dangle your worm in the water,
And if you get a little tickle, you have to try and land it!
I remember the time my granddaughter shook hands
With Michael Morpurgo in the green room.
Do you know who he’s married to?
Anyway, there was another time I went to this old bar;
All the names of the RAF pilots were burned into the ceiling.
If you don’t write about war, what are you really writing about?
Then I remember watching him in the remembrance garden
He was forcing sand into the name because it creates a clearer picture.
You have to deal with people killing each other or you aren’t dealing at all.
Those young men,
They died in the sunshine,
Never talking about what they’d seen,
Literally too pissed to know what had hit them.
You have to take note of this, like the council house letter to John.
The only hole in one I ever got was ironically on Valentines Day.
Witnessed only by a buzzard.
Back at the golf club bar I bought a round of drinks
For some of the most boring shits I’ve ever met.
He said things like, “Iambic Pentameter can be fun”
Then he rolled the binder across the wooden desk with two hands.
“Use your eyes and ears” he sang.
Then told us about the time he went to a funeral and was served prawns.
“They were huge prawns and stuffed too!”
Imagine it, you couldn’t make this up!
Never mind the Pricketeers!”
Sometimes I wonder should I really have written “sit tight on the stool?!”
Horowtiz is good though.
I recently learnt what it means to choose a peg and which peg is best.
So no-one gets shot or shoots anyone else.
The birds however, they don’t get a choice.
Only, why do the upper classes never turn on their heating?
I tell people, “Poetry is like basket weaving underwater;
I only have to sit at my typewriter until my brow bleeds.”
Remember, people were sent to war to paint!
‘Soup’ should have won.
Smell is always overlooked.
Everyone needs to be finished off somewhere.
Lastly there was the lady who couldn’t write it for herself,
About the baby on the platform, so I did it.
“It’s your duty to do it, to write it down and document it.”
Did you ever see a possum?
Fluffy-fickle, heavy-handed, sneaky-sniffling Aussie.


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