This is Jimmy. A character I’ve been working on whilst playing with genre and character development. Here is a short extract of his story. This is aimed at 8-10 year olds, however this may be subject to change due to the fact that children almost always prefer to read books about children older than themselves.

Sadie is always falling over.

​“Silly Billy!” I shout.

Mum’s hand reaches out to catch her.

​“Well done Sadie! Good girl!” says Mum.

​“It wasn’t that good Mum”, I say “she only did two steps.”

I can tell Mum isn’t really listening to me though. So I go and kick my red ball really hard, it goes all the way to the bottom of the garden and even hits the fence. That was well done, I think.

Jack says it’s a shame I didn’t get a little brother like him and now I’ll have no-one to play football with ever. I told Mum how unfair it is but I don’t think she understood what I was saying because she laughed. I don’t really think its funny at all.

I go and get my ball from the bushy bit of grass by the fence. I kick it back up towards the house and it lands in a puddle, splashing Mum and Sadie.

​“Jimmy! Inside now! I’ve told you about exactly this over and over again! In!” shouts Mum, looking mad as usual.

Never mind that it was a brilliant shot! I head towards the back door dragging my feet. I get splashed all the time at school. Why is Mum so worried about water? Doesn’t she know it dries really fast?

The back door is quite heavy but I’m nearly 7 now so I manage it fine. I pull my trainers off in the hallway and it makes my hands really wet and muddy. It’s really annoying when that happens. I wipe them on my trousers to get them clean.

I can hear Dad in the kitchen. I poke my head round the door and see him washing plates again. We must have the world’s dirtiest plates because he’s always doing that.

​“Why are you washing the plates again?” I ask.

“Because we made them dirty again” he replies.” Why aren’t you outside playing?”

I shrug.

“I think Sadie’s legs are a bit broken.” I tell him. “They don’t stay straight for very long and she’s already fallen over twice.

“Don’t worry about Sadie.” Says Dad “She’s just learning to walk, you used to walk like that too once.”

That makes me laugh. Now I know he’s lying. Why do Mum’s and Dad’s always do that?


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